Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy Released

To all my previous DLC winners, I have some information to give you, so please email me at

New update has been released guys! Check our TinyChat room and chat with me and some others about the new update, compare scores, and challenge others to beat your scores. As soon as I can get to glitch finding, I'll be back to let you guys know what I've found.

Ok guys, as I speak, I'm updating Pocket God. I have to deal with two iTouches now, for security reasons, and I couldn't find the one that has my glitch-finding app on it. So to stall, I want to say thanks to Ken for posting all these amazing glitches! I'm going to check all of them, and whatever ones still remain, I'm going to post to the blog. Check later, and until then!


Hey everyone! I am new to the blog, and everyone knows me by Raheel. I like Platinum better, though, so I'm going to go by that instead. Since other people post glitches on the blog too, I will make mine say "Platinum Version" so everyone knows that these glitches are by me. At this point, no one has found glitches that are new to Pocket God, so when I get the chance, I'll write my review on the update. Later!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Spoilers for Thought

So, the update is in submission, which means we have to wait agonizingly long for Apple to approve it, and before we can get to the good stuff: The Glitches! But I know how impatient you are, so I have a tasty tidbit for you courtesy of HDgreen. He has posted several spoiler images here. Also, for up to date information, check TouchArcade for more information or follow me on Twitter.

I'm going to start posting new info that Dave gives out, as well as hosting contests and other fun stuff. Okay, I'm out. Until next update.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey guys some glitches for good will haunting: When you scare a pygmy to death when is on the ground dead start the dance up and he'll burst back to life!! "I call it the dance of life".

The next one is take a ghost and draw a line all the way off the screen to the left. If it is below the branches of the tree they will be stuck going in that direction I call it "Stupid invisible barrier!!!" (corny I know) This glitch works too if you make one scream like a banshee on the left side of the island and then quickly draw it the the side of the screen. That last glitch is produceable by drawing a ghost in to the light but not letting go then pull it back to where it still is. Then let go and tap the screen immediately.. the ghost will be stuck in suspended animation and you cant move it but you CAN make it scream. I call it "where do you think your going? you have scaring to do!"

Another glitch: Make a hurricane with at least 1 host on the island. then start a hurricane and when the pygmys are in the air hold on the ghost for a banshee scream. This will cause them to die and turn into gohsts but still be spinning around, but when they fall in the water therye normal again! If the fall infront of the island there is a chance the will freeze falling!!! Tap them when theyre frozen and then turn into ghosts!!! 0.o -Crazydrummer667

NEW ADDITION: Fishing Fail! First go to oog island and let a pygmy fish. Now you can do a few things. one slap him with a fish,bird, or coconut and he falls and drowns:EPIC FAIL. Now if you drop a shark over his head he will fall in, the shark will float, the app will crash :D - Crazydrummer667

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Will Haunting

Here are the winners! If you won, I need you to send me your email. Email me at











Ok, so this update has proved to be a little buggy. There were some bugs that got discovered a little late. But, that makes my job more fun, right? So the DLC has been a smashing success. The different skins leave a variety of choices. My personal favorite is the Dragon with a Tribal Tattoo.

And you now have ghosts! Kill a pygmy any way in the Graveyard, and he will come back as a ghost. And these ghosts can mess with their friends who are still living! Drag a ghost in different directions toward the pygmies to trigger a different response.

And now, for the bugs!

Forever Flying:

1. Drag the ghost to the right-hand side of the screen.
2. The ghost will get stuck on the right-hand side of the screen.

Sideways Floating:

1. Do the Forever Flying glitch
2. Make the ghost scream.
3. The ghost will float sideways.

(Thanks to Failboat103 for the names!)

Tilt-Controlled Ghost:

1. In the rare case that for some reason the screen won't go up into Ooga Jump, throw a pygmy up into the air.
2. He will enter Ooga Jump, but the screen will stay below.
3. Slowly tilt the screen to the left or to the right until he falls.
4. After he dies, you will have a tilt controlled ghost.


1. Drag the ghost to the top of the screen.
2. Drag him again.
3. He will get stuck to the top of the screen.
I Survived! Variation:

1. Ooga Jump into the grave.
2. Create a zoogmie.
3. Kill the zoogmie.
4. A ghost will be created, and the screen will follow him.
5. Drag him "Into the Light" and the screen will stay up high.

Me No Like Fishing:

1. Drag the ghost towards a fishing pygmy.
2. Multiple things can happen.

Permanently Possessed:

1. As a bat is about to bite a pygmy, make the ghost scream.
2. The bat will follow the ghost, and eventually will bite it.
3. The ghost will turn into a vampire, but whenever you touch it, it turns back into a ghost.
4. You can also control which direction the vampire is facing.

Scared Stiff:

1. Drag a ghost toward a pygmy, but miss.
2. The pygmy will have the scared expression, and will be invincible.

Spear Survival:

1. Spear a pygmy underwater.
2. Go up to the Graveyard before he dies.
3. He will get stuck under the island as a ghost.


1. After doing the ghost to vampire glitch, drag the vampire into the water.
2. He should be stuck below the island but still see able.
3. Then get a normal pigmy and try to haunt the pygmy in any way that doesn't get rid of the ghost.
4. If done correctly, the ghost will be back on the island and float at surface level.
5. If you drag him up and let him go, he'll start bouncing up and down

Midget Ghost:

1. Go to an island with a fishing pole.
2. Make sure the bird is on.
3. When you catch a fish try to make the bird carry a pygmy away.
4. As he carries him away change to the Graveyard.
5. The pygmy will come back as a ghost but he will be a midget ghost.

Alright! That's it for now! Until next update!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Go Go!

New contest up! Follow me, Skipper587 on Twitter, and send me a challenge beating either 1707 on Shark Blasts, or 799 on Bird Bombs. The first 10 people to beat me get a FREE DLC! You must follow me to be elligible. Good luck!