Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Note: No new glitches have been found, only variations of this glitch. You can read about them in the comments. And I've been neglecting the blog for other reasons, because we don't even have a build yet.

The update is out! I know there are probably very few people that still check this site, but I have some treats for you! Dark, found a very high-quality glitch, and I love it! It's the only one that we've found post-release, due to a new beta tester procedure, but it's cool so here goes:

Open the menu on the top, and drag a pygmy above the clouds. Open the new map screen, and Ooga Jump will start, but some of the sprite atlas will be showing. Let the pygmy fall, and the above picture happens. Sweet huh?

Ok. I'm out.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glitches Are Coming Out Tonight!

I have been long away, but finally, I am posting the glitches. Check back at 7 PM EST to see all the fun glitches in Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

Here's another treat:


Ok, so before I start, I want to say that there aren't as many as I though there would be. I found a total of 3, I think, that worked out of all the ones you guys submitted. Here they are:

Go to the graveyard and open the hole. Ooga jump a pygmy into the hole, then bury him. When he comes out as a zombie, turn him into a ghost. Dig up the hole, and position the ghost on the very right of the hole. Make it stormy, the ghost will turn into a regular Pygmy and fall in the hole. You will only see his hair sticking out of the hole, but you will see his eyes blinking but they are not on his head.

(Due to a bug in this build, I can't get a picture for this...yet...)

Give the spear to a Pygmy, then turn off the spear. He will still throw the spear but when the spear hits the ground, it won't go away! Ghosts will fly behind the spear like it's not even there.

Also, if you have the shark turned on, and you go underwater, the anchor and the chum bucket will stay in the same spot for a split second.

Finally, if you marshmallow a pygmy and place him on the web, he will turn into a regular pygmy. If you turn off the web, though, he will turn back into a regular pygmy.

Thanks to Cake215 for all the wonderful glitches, and until next update!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For those of you who asked

Eliminate Pro is one of the best games I've ever played. The online multiplayer coupled with the constant leveling up provides interactive gameplay that is sure to bring you back again and again. Glitches are coming soon, due to some delays.

Peace out.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm sorry for the long delay, I've been busy playing Eliminate. Tomorrow, I will post all the glitches you and I have found. (PS. This sets the record for the shortest post)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy Released

To all my previous DLC winners, I have some information to give you, so please email me at

New update has been released guys! Check our TinyChat room and chat with me and some others about the new update, compare scores, and challenge others to beat your scores. As soon as I can get to glitch finding, I'll be back to let you guys know what I've found.

Ok guys, as I speak, I'm updating Pocket God. I have to deal with two iTouches now, for security reasons, and I couldn't find the one that has my glitch-finding app on it. So to stall, I want to say thanks to Ken for posting all these amazing glitches! I'm going to check all of them, and whatever ones still remain, I'm going to post to the blog. Check later, and until then!


Hey everyone! I am new to the blog, and everyone knows me by Raheel. I like Platinum better, though, so I'm going to go by that instead. Since other people post glitches on the blog too, I will make mine say "Platinum Version" so everyone knows that these glitches are by me. At this point, no one has found glitches that are new to Pocket God, so when I get the chance, I'll write my review on the update. Later!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Spoilers for Thought

So, the update is in submission, which means we have to wait agonizingly long for Apple to approve it, and before we can get to the good stuff: The Glitches! But I know how impatient you are, so I have a tasty tidbit for you courtesy of HDgreen. He has posted several spoiler images here. Also, for up to date information, check TouchArcade for more information or follow me on Twitter.

I'm going to start posting new info that Dave gives out, as well as hosting contests and other fun stuff. Okay, I'm out. Until next update.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey guys some glitches for good will haunting: When you scare a pygmy to death when is on the ground dead start the dance up and he'll burst back to life!! "I call it the dance of life".

The next one is take a ghost and draw a line all the way off the screen to the left. If it is below the branches of the tree they will be stuck going in that direction I call it "Stupid invisible barrier!!!" (corny I know) This glitch works too if you make one scream like a banshee on the left side of the island and then quickly draw it the the side of the screen. That last glitch is produceable by drawing a ghost in to the light but not letting go then pull it back to where it still is. Then let go and tap the screen immediately.. the ghost will be stuck in suspended animation and you cant move it but you CAN make it scream. I call it "where do you think your going? you have scaring to do!"

Another glitch: Make a hurricane with at least 1 host on the island. then start a hurricane and when the pygmys are in the air hold on the ghost for a banshee scream. This will cause them to die and turn into gohsts but still be spinning around, but when they fall in the water therye normal again! If the fall infront of the island there is a chance the will freeze falling!!! Tap them when theyre frozen and then turn into ghosts!!! 0.o -Crazydrummer667

NEW ADDITION: Fishing Fail! First go to oog island and let a pygmy fish. Now you can do a few things. one slap him with a fish,bird, or coconut and he falls and drowns:EPIC FAIL. Now if you drop a shark over his head he will fall in, the shark will float, the app will crash :D - Crazydrummer667

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Will Haunting

Here are the winners! If you won, I need you to send me your email. Email me at











Ok, so this update has proved to be a little buggy. There were some bugs that got discovered a little late. But, that makes my job more fun, right? So the DLC has been a smashing success. The different skins leave a variety of choices. My personal favorite is the Dragon with a Tribal Tattoo.

And you now have ghosts! Kill a pygmy any way in the Graveyard, and he will come back as a ghost. And these ghosts can mess with their friends who are still living! Drag a ghost in different directions toward the pygmies to trigger a different response.

And now, for the bugs!

Forever Flying:

1. Drag the ghost to the right-hand side of the screen.
2. The ghost will get stuck on the right-hand side of the screen.

Sideways Floating:

1. Do the Forever Flying glitch
2. Make the ghost scream.
3. The ghost will float sideways.

(Thanks to Failboat103 for the names!)

Tilt-Controlled Ghost:

1. In the rare case that for some reason the screen won't go up into Ooga Jump, throw a pygmy up into the air.
2. He will enter Ooga Jump, but the screen will stay below.
3. Slowly tilt the screen to the left or to the right until he falls.
4. After he dies, you will have a tilt controlled ghost.


1. Drag the ghost to the top of the screen.
2. Drag him again.
3. He will get stuck to the top of the screen.
I Survived! Variation:

1. Ooga Jump into the grave.
2. Create a zoogmie.
3. Kill the zoogmie.
4. A ghost will be created, and the screen will follow him.
5. Drag him "Into the Light" and the screen will stay up high.

Me No Like Fishing:

1. Drag the ghost towards a fishing pygmy.
2. Multiple things can happen.

Permanently Possessed:

1. As a bat is about to bite a pygmy, make the ghost scream.
2. The bat will follow the ghost, and eventually will bite it.
3. The ghost will turn into a vampire, but whenever you touch it, it turns back into a ghost.
4. You can also control which direction the vampire is facing.

Scared Stiff:

1. Drag a ghost toward a pygmy, but miss.
2. The pygmy will have the scared expression, and will be invincible.

Spear Survival:

1. Spear a pygmy underwater.
2. Go up to the Graveyard before he dies.
3. He will get stuck under the island as a ghost.


1. After doing the ghost to vampire glitch, drag the vampire into the water.
2. He should be stuck below the island but still see able.
3. Then get a normal pigmy and try to haunt the pygmy in any way that doesn't get rid of the ghost.
4. If done correctly, the ghost will be back on the island and float at surface level.
5. If you drag him up and let him go, he'll start bouncing up and down

Midget Ghost:

1. Go to an island with a fishing pole.
2. Make sure the bird is on.
3. When you catch a fish try to make the bird carry a pygmy away.
4. As he carries him away change to the Graveyard.
5. The pygmy will come back as a ghost but he will be a midget ghost.

Alright! That's it for now! Until next update!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Go Go!

New contest up! Follow me, Skipper587 on Twitter, and send me a challenge beating either 1707 on Shark Blasts, or 799 on Bird Bombs. The first 10 people to beat me get a FREE DLC! You must follow me to be elligible. Good luck!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad glitch but cool new blog!

Error here,
ok this is not the best of glitches, but here it is. When you tilt your ipod on the new island the pygmy will fall into the water which should not happen because there is no edge there.

Anyway, there is a new blog running. I am part of that blog and it's about tournaments. It's called tourneyspot and it is gonna be about tournaments for alot of apps but first Pocket God.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Secret..............Is Out

Dear Readers,

Well, my secret is out. The new leaderboards came out today, and with a shocking suprise: My name is on the beta leaderboards. That's right, I'm the newest beta tester for Pocket God. Now here's my plan:

  1. I don't plan to leave the blog, being as being beta gives me the advantage to lasso up the glitches that get through the sifter.
  2. I hope to get Dave's permission to post the different development stages pictures after the update comes out.
  3. I hope you guys will support me even more, as I am going to start giving back to you guys in various ways.

I hope to talk to you all later.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Update News

It's been a while since I last posted, that being because I have been busy with certain things that will be revealed in due time. But until then, if you haven't heard yet, the update is going to be called "Good Will Haunting." If you want to know, that's a movie. Google it, and it will give you a hint what this update is about. In the mean time, promocodes for an app called "Cluck it!" are being given away! Follow me, skipper587, on twitter, and tune in thursday for the winners. Ok, until next update!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Pygmy Walking is Out!!!!


Hey guys crazydrummer here with a new glitch!!

As we all know the update is very well out and it is AMAZING!!!!
well dave did a huge job testing so looks like the only one i can find is if u summon the fish on statue isalnd and leave it on then go to the new one and the fish will be half on it.. :D

hello again! turn off the bucket and the anchor underwater and you cannot move your little guys around 0_o


I only see it fit to embarrass you in front of thousands of people, Crazydrummer, but always draft a post before posting it so I can revise it.

Anyways, I have enjoyed this update thoroughly. Dave and Allan really outdid themselves with the new island and features, and left amazing room for expansion.
(Poor little pygmy!) And what more can I enjoy than the glitches? I have several good ones, and for once, I stumbled upon them myself! So here we go!
Ninja Time: Can you see whats wrong here? Of course you can't! Here's the glitch: As the pygmy is coming out of the grave, flip the screen upside down and back. The pygmy will come back down normal, but if you tilt the screen, or tap him, he turns back into a zoogmie.
I Survived!: Ok, so here's another one. If you drag a pygmy into ooga jump, then let him fall into the hole, and pull him out, he becomes invincible.
App Zoogmie: If you I Survived! , then create a zoogmie instead, kill him. It crashes the app.
I Don't Dance! : Make a stone Pygmy from fire, then drop it in the grave, it will turn into a normal Pygmy and turn into a statue when it comes out. Once you turn the statue Pygmy into a zombie and try to make him dance, you'll hear the thriller music playing, but he won't dance. (Courtesy of Failboat103)
Popcorn Pygmies: Create a vampire, have at least one zoogmie, and spawn all pygmies. The vampire will chase the pygmies into the corner, and they will bounce off his head.

Contest for promo codes! Follow @skipper587 on Twitter, and tune in Sunday night to find out who wins!

Other than some news about DLC's, that's it. Until next update.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dave Castelnuovo is Talking With us! (Winners Now Posted)

Hey guys! I've decided which apps to do. The winners are *drumroll* Rapidninja with Ouch! Gameraxe146 with Dinosmash! And finally! (I hate this) Alex Ferrigno with Gangstar! Congrats guys! Send me an email at, and I'll get you started!

Big news guys! We have gotten Dave in on a chat room that I created. He has come to talk with us two nights in a row, and said he would come back often. No account is needed, so come chat with us!

Also, you have 1 day left for submissions. So keep them coming. Keep voting, and see you in chat!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Community Outreach

Hey Pocket God Glitchspot followers! There is an amazing opportunity right now! Right now, post a comment saying what iTouch game you would like to see a Glitchspot for, and you and 2 of your friends could help me write it! If someone beats you to posting a game, then I'm sorry, but first come first serve. I will pick 3 winners from your submissions. Keep on voting!

Also, I have opened up a group on TouchArcade to discuss anything related to the site. Here is the link:
Create an account and join up!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 New Members

New Poll Up on the right ----------------------------------->

New Member Post Below

Also, comment on what you think would be another good app to find glitches for.


I hired two new members for the blog off of TouchArcade. Everyone say hi to CrazyDrummer and Error! I'll let them post later. For now, I just want to say that Pocket God Glitchspot is now tweeting! If you haven't seen the column on the right, then I am letting you know now: Go and follow us on twitter! I will be posting the glitches I find live there, so for an accurate, up to date list of glitches, check there. I accepted all of you on Feint, and am looking forward to more. Feint name is Skipper587, so add me up! Until next update.


Hi, Error here (don't worry, Skipper or Alex did not quit). Well most of you will know me from touch arcade, but for people who don't, I have a Pocket God addiction. I live in England and that's all you need to know. My feint name is error3000. By the way i think the next update (dead pygmy walking) is gonna have tons of glitches.


Hey guys!

Its great to be here and like error you may know me from touch arcade as Crazydrummer667. (Thats also my feint name so add me if you want) I love on long island NY and I have insomnia (i never sleep) so ill be able to serve you 24/7 :D I'm looking foawrd to report a lot of glitches in the future!

Thanks, Tyler

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Next Update Title

The next update title got revealed. It is................wait for it......................Dead Pygmy Walking.
Ok. Now, a new glitch. I was browsing the forums on TouchArcade, and I came across a discussion about a glitch. So here it is. First, you have to drag a pygmy into ooga jump. Then, tap the tsunami button, and before the underwater scene loads, go to an island. You will have a tilt-controlled pygmy. Cool huh?
It's kind of hard to get a decent picture of, but here's how I took this one. I had the glitch on, with two pygmies, and I let one go into the bathroom. Then I tilted the screen at a 90 degree angle. The name started spazzing, so I took a picture of that. Ok, until next update.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Note: There are new glitches posted at the bottom for those of you who have already read this post.

Alex Ferrigno:

Yes, as most of you will already know, the new update is out. There is now a chum-bucket underwater which you can use to lure the shark into the area, you can then blast your pygmies to smithereens with the shark's FRICKIN' LASERBEAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Glitches are starting to appear and so skipper and I will keep you updated with them. But for now, lets play with the frickin' laserbeam:


Yep! It's out. So this update got mashed together with episode 24, which was repealed because of a 2.2.1 bug. But now it's out, and boy is it good. So to begin, you now have a shark underwater (yay!) but with a suprising twist. It has a lazer on it's head! So you pull the chum out of the bucket to summon the shark, and then you zap the pygmies with the lazer.
Also, already some new glitches are coming up on the forums. Courtesy of Tmonine, if you tap (in this order) the islands Statue, Underwater, Egg, Statue, Underwater, Egg, you can get any of the items to switch islands.
But, several other glitches can result from that. If you do the order Statue, Egg, Underwater, you can hang the menu on two islands. Notice that it is on Statue and Egg island at the same time.
One more glitch is if you go in the order Statue, Underwater, Statue, Underwater, the screen will jump up above the island.
Here's another good one, submitted by 123and123. You hold a pygmy without moving your finger, then change gravity to upside down and back. Your pygmy will sometimes hit an ooga jump cloud, and that's good. Don't lift your finger, but make the pygmy fall, and right as he is about to hit the ground, lift your finger. He will be invincible. (He's the fisher. Sorry, I also had the dinosaur on Easter island at the same time.
Here's another good one. If you do the background pygmy glitch, and a pygmy eats the fish, the fish will swim into the screen backwards!
Also, when it is caught it will come in upside down for a half a second.
Ok, so I'm going to test all of your glitches out, and will be back soon. My feint name is Skipper587, and Alex Ferrigno's is AlexFerrigno. See you all on feint! Until next update!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Glitch

Well this was fast. I was checking out some of the glitches in the right hand column and wouldn't you know, Tornroot found a really cool one. Ok, so to trigger it, you get a pygmy to stack one log in the fire pit, and then repeatedly drop the fishing rod on top of it. If you get lucky, he will pick up the fishing rod, but the rod will continue to spawn in the same place. Then another pygmy will pick it up, and so on and so forth.
Also, there's another invincibility glitch, found by an anonymous user. If you can time it right to where the "You know you like Pocket God" ends while a pygmy is catching a fish, you can create an invincible fisher pygmy. And because he doesn't go to sleep, you can't turn him into a vampire, so you can't kill him.
Ok, I'm done for now. Keep submitting glitches!


The news in the Pocket God world has been slow lately, so I have taken up Beta Testing as a hobby. I have been busy Beta Testing Above and Beyond: Air Combat. When I get the clear, I will post screenshots, and you guys are going to love this game. On another note, the update was submitted a week ago, so the new update should be out soon (hopefully), but Apple has been known to be an extreme pain when it comes to approving updates. I look forward to hearing from you all about glitches I've missed, and until next update.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10,000 Views and a Glitch



We hit 10,000 views! So to mark this occasion, I am going to post a glitch submitted by Troy Wilson. He has actively been pursuing glitches, and this one I've never seen before. So here it is. Grab the pygmy and the dodo bird at the same time, and then drop the bird. Now first make sure you can't drag your pygmy anywhere, then, without lifting your finger, slide your finger down and flick him. He will walk around on the water and interact with the items on the island. The only way to get him back is to close the app.
Hey! Where's the fisherman?
Until next update, which for those of you who haven't heard is called Sharks With Friggin Laser Beams On Their Heads (SWFLBOTH for short)!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks To The Fans

So all you guys in the right hand column have some good glitches. Like this one. Catch a fish, and when the bird goes to grab the fish, zap it with lightning. It will reanimate and do some weird things to the pygmies. Or it will fly off the screen. For me it took my fisher off the bottom of the screen.
The other thing I've been busy with lately has been the P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S contest. Man I hate typing that name! But here's my submission picture.
By the way, that's an heavily edited picture. It took me a while. If you want one done, email me at Until next update!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanks Pocket Blog!

We got featured on Pocket Blog! I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to say thanks for featuring me. Also, to mark the occasion, I have a glitch submitted by Peter in the right hand column. It's another cannibalism glitch. To trigger this glitch, drop the pygmy on one half of a coconut and have the bird crap on his head. The pygmy has a slightly different expression in this one. It kinda looks like he's freaked out! Thanks Peter!
Keep the views coming guys! Until SWFLBOTH! (If you don't know what that stands for, I'm not telling :P)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weird Sunset

This is a glitch posted anonymously on the side of the blog. hen it's night, if you slide down the moon and immediately slide down the sun, it will change the sky so it is the colour of the night sky:
Another variation of this gitch is to slide up the sun immediately after putting the moon down and the sky will turn into the colour of the day sky:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floating Pygmy Glitch

While feeding the t-rex some tasty BOB I noticed that if you throw the spear at the t-rex so that it hits the t-rex when the pygmy is inside his stomach but still has his name showing up then the pygmy will pop back out but float a bit higher than the normal pygmies for a few seconds:
Also seeing as this is my first proper post I'd just like to say hi to everybody.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down


Well, I was going to give my new Co-editor the honor of posting this one, but he isn't available. Everyone say hi to Alex. I am going to use his post though:

"Well, Idle Hands 2 is now out, the new idles are all very cool and buddy challenges are a fun addition and a big step towards Pocket God becoming a game. No glitches have been found yet but I'm sure they'll start to turn up soon. Also, I'd just like to introduce myself as this is the first time I've posted on the blog, my name's Alex Ferrigno, i'm a big PG follower and I post a lot in the TA forums under the same name so some of you may have already heard of me :D Also, today Dave has met with someone from Apple and also with two other companies. However, it's all a complete secret for now but Allan says that the new super secret project might be revealed in September." -Alex

Ok, so here's my post. The buddy challenge implementation is an amazing success. You can challenge a friend across the world to a Pocket God duel.
Me and my buddies from TouchArcade have already been going at it. My Feint name is pretty obvious. So add me up! I'll crush you in bird bombs any day!
The other new items are the different new idles. They are sneezing (sorry, no pic for this one, it's tough to catch), beating of the chest, (Seth)
pulling out the bone in their hair, and their hair falling down, (Bobue)
a thought bubble, (Samish)
and the best for last, the winning idle, the grass skirt falling off. Both variations are pictured. (Both are Nicolae)
And the other one.
I love the update guys. Keep them coming. No new glitches, but all the old ones still remain. So you can keep showing the cannibal glitch off to people! Thanks for all the support guys! I'll see you all on OpenFeint! Until next update.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poll is Over

Not surprising, but the winning glitch was the Cannibal glitch with 22 votes. To all you jokers who thought you would say my blog sucks, no. Don't try. News time. Dave announced that the update after Idle Hands 2 is going to have something to do with a shark underwater and a chum bucket. So have fun with that. Nothing much to say as of now. Thanks for almost 3000 views guys! Without being featured! Until next update.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twitter and iFPS

So the update is coming out soon, and for hints, check Dave's Twitter. I'm hosting a server for a game called iFPS. It's a first person shooter for the iTouch, and is decent.
To join, the server name is Skipper587, the password is PocketG. Looking forward to seeing you on iFPS. Until next update.