Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Glitch

Well this was fast. I was checking out some of the glitches in the right hand column and wouldn't you know, Tornroot found a really cool one. Ok, so to trigger it, you get a pygmy to stack one log in the fire pit, and then repeatedly drop the fishing rod on top of it. If you get lucky, he will pick up the fishing rod, but the rod will continue to spawn in the same place. Then another pygmy will pick it up, and so on and so forth.
Also, there's another invincibility glitch, found by an anonymous user. If you can time it right to where the "You know you like Pocket God" ends while a pygmy is catching a fish, you can create an invincible fisher pygmy. And because he doesn't go to sleep, you can't turn him into a vampire, so you can't kill him.
Ok, I'm done for now. Keep submitting glitches!


The news in the Pocket God world has been slow lately, so I have taken up Beta Testing as a hobby. I have been busy Beta Testing Above and Beyond: Air Combat. When I get the clear, I will post screenshots, and you guys are going to love this game. On another note, the update was submitted a week ago, so the new update should be out soon (hopefully), but Apple has been known to be an extreme pain when it comes to approving updates. I look forward to hearing from you all about glitches I've missed, and until next update.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10,000 Views and a Glitch



We hit 10,000 views! So to mark this occasion, I am going to post a glitch submitted by Troy Wilson. He has actively been pursuing glitches, and this one I've never seen before. So here it is. Grab the pygmy and the dodo bird at the same time, and then drop the bird. Now first make sure you can't drag your pygmy anywhere, then, without lifting your finger, slide your finger down and flick him. He will walk around on the water and interact with the items on the island. The only way to get him back is to close the app.
Hey! Where's the fisherman?
Until next update, which for those of you who haven't heard is called Sharks With Friggin Laser Beams On Their Heads (SWFLBOTH for short)!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks To The Fans

So all you guys in the right hand column have some good glitches. Like this one. Catch a fish, and when the bird goes to grab the fish, zap it with lightning. It will reanimate and do some weird things to the pygmies. Or it will fly off the screen. For me it took my fisher off the bottom of the screen.
The other thing I've been busy with lately has been the P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S contest. Man I hate typing that name! But here's my submission picture.
By the way, that's an heavily edited picture. It took me a while. If you want one done, email me at Until next update!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanks Pocket Blog!

We got featured on Pocket Blog! I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to say thanks for featuring me. Also, to mark the occasion, I have a glitch submitted by Peter in the right hand column. It's another cannibalism glitch. To trigger this glitch, drop the pygmy on one half of a coconut and have the bird crap on his head. The pygmy has a slightly different expression in this one. It kinda looks like he's freaked out! Thanks Peter!
Keep the views coming guys! Until SWFLBOTH! (If you don't know what that stands for, I'm not telling :P)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weird Sunset

This is a glitch posted anonymously on the side of the blog. hen it's night, if you slide down the moon and immediately slide down the sun, it will change the sky so it is the colour of the night sky:
Another variation of this gitch is to slide up the sun immediately after putting the moon down and the sky will turn into the colour of the day sky:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floating Pygmy Glitch

While feeding the t-rex some tasty BOB I noticed that if you throw the spear at the t-rex so that it hits the t-rex when the pygmy is inside his stomach but still has his name showing up then the pygmy will pop back out but float a bit higher than the normal pygmies for a few seconds:
Also seeing as this is my first proper post I'd just like to say hi to everybody.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down


Well, I was going to give my new Co-editor the honor of posting this one, but he isn't available. Everyone say hi to Alex. I am going to use his post though:

"Well, Idle Hands 2 is now out, the new idles are all very cool and buddy challenges are a fun addition and a big step towards Pocket God becoming a game. No glitches have been found yet but I'm sure they'll start to turn up soon. Also, I'd just like to introduce myself as this is the first time I've posted on the blog, my name's Alex Ferrigno, i'm a big PG follower and I post a lot in the TA forums under the same name so some of you may have already heard of me :D Also, today Dave has met with someone from Apple and also with two other companies. However, it's all a complete secret for now but Allan says that the new super secret project might be revealed in September." -Alex

Ok, so here's my post. The buddy challenge implementation is an amazing success. You can challenge a friend across the world to a Pocket God duel.
Me and my buddies from TouchArcade have already been going at it. My Feint name is pretty obvious. So add me up! I'll crush you in bird bombs any day!
The other new items are the different new idles. They are sneezing (sorry, no pic for this one, it's tough to catch), beating of the chest, (Seth)
pulling out the bone in their hair, and their hair falling down, (Bobue)
a thought bubble, (Samish)
and the best for last, the winning idle, the grass skirt falling off. Both variations are pictured. (Both are Nicolae)
And the other one.
I love the update guys. Keep them coming. No new glitches, but all the old ones still remain. So you can keep showing the cannibal glitch off to people! Thanks for all the support guys! I'll see you all on OpenFeint! Until next update.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poll is Over

Not surprising, but the winning glitch was the Cannibal glitch with 22 votes. To all you jokers who thought you would say my blog sucks, no. Don't try. News time. Dave announced that the update after Idle Hands 2 is going to have something to do with a shark underwater and a chum bucket. So have fun with that. Nothing much to say as of now. Thanks for almost 3000 views guys! Without being featured! Until next update.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twitter and iFPS

So the update is coming out soon, and for hints, check Dave's Twitter. I'm hosting a server for a game called iFPS. It's a first person shooter for the iTouch, and is decent.
To join, the server name is Skipper587, the password is PocketG. Looking forward to seeing you on iFPS. Until next update.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Update

It's almost here! Join the discussion at TouchArcade. I'm setting up a "bubble" of technology, if you will. I'm going to be doing some cool Pocket God related stuff! Just wait!
So until next update (which is hopefully soon :P).

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few More For the Road

I found a few more glitches courtesy of SaintsAlive ( and swigo8 ( To trigger the first, earthquake and bring up a tsunami. Then drop the water. Your pygmies will swim in midair for a few seconds.
(That kinda makes for a freaky picture! Thanks Saints!)

The next works off of the Cannibal glitch, which by the way, vote for your favorite glitch -----> To work this one, do the cannibal glitch, then spawn all your pygmies. You will have 7 pygmies on the island at one time!
That one came from swigo8, and so did this one.

By taking advantage of Bait Master, you can spear 6 pygmies at one time, but if you spear more than four, a second spear appears beside the first spear. Thanks for featuring me swigo8!
Here's one of mine. Turn your iPod on it's side and just mess with the pygmy. You can do some strange stuff!
He was actually floating through the island at the time. Ok, I'm done. Be sure to vote ----->
Check out SaintsAlive and swigo8's sites, and submit pictures for the contest. Until next update.

Idle Hands 2 and a Contest to Keep Ya'll Busy

The idle hands 2 contest winners were announced, and wouldn't you know that SaintsAlive won it all! Congratulations and I can't wait to see your idle on Pocket God! Ok, so I know this blog is about glitches, but I thought I would open up the floor for some fan generated images. So send me those images. They can be about anything Pocket God related, try to make them funny. Email them to I will announce the winners in 2 weeks. So until next update.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glitches Part 2

I'm back! So I found some more glitches, so here they are. Ok, so to trigger this first one, right as the T-Rex bites down, tap him, and the pygmy will "fall through the floor." He goes off the bottom of the screen without drowning. See him at the bottom?
Ok, so this next glitch is really cool. Right as you are about to drop the pygmy onto the Ooga Jump clouds, earthquake. The screen gets diverted below him.But wait! Slide your finger upward, and when he falls to the ground, he will either get flattened,
or he will drown,
Both of these happen in midair. You can still interact with the pygmies below, though. Tap the screen and you can hear them getting flicked off the island or splashing into the water. And you can still add pygmies. But the only way to get back to the island is to create a tsunami by sliding your finger up.
My last glitch I got from 5jusername on TouchArcade. Try picking up a pigmy and a pirahna at the same time. What happens is an infinite line gets drawn. The pirahna will follow the line the whole minigame.
So keep sending me glitches! You can email me at Until next update.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Update, New Glitches.

Finally! After a long, hard search for glitches, I was rewarded. So here we go. First off is a glitch that creates an invincible vampire. It's kind of hard to trigger, but stay with me. So you go to Easter Island and turn it to night. Call the bat, and if you can time it right, tap the statue 3 times before the pygmy get's bitten. There you have it! Invincible vampire!
So here's a spin off of that one, go under water and spawn all your pygmies. Where's your vampire? Resurface. Oh! There he is! :P
I actually figured out how to trigger the annoying glitch where you can't get the pigmy out of the outhouse! You change islands with him in it!
Alright. That's it for now. Until next update (or more glitches :P)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

For those of you...

Aha! I figured out what you meant Jamierene! And I agreee. So below is a picture for those of you that want to add this site to your homepage on your iTouches.

Just zoom in on it and click the + button on the bottom. It'll do the trick. I did it to show you what it looks like.


Awesome! The update is out, I found my link on TouchArcade, another blog is getting featured, and hopefully the winners will be announced! Good day! So first order of business, the update is out (finally!), and I can get started tracking down new glitches.
Next, I found my link posted on TouchArcade (thanks to SaintsAlive and 5jusername) and that brightened my day! Thanks for driving more traffic to my blog, and yeah, I love the cannibal glitch too ;) I hope that one stays for a while.
Another blog is getting featured! I hope it's mine, so put in a good word for me will ya ;) Last blog featured was the P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. So hopefully it's my turn. If I get featured, I will be back. Until I find more glitches, or tonight, or next update.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Apple=Epic Fail

So I do believe that Apple has failed us again. The update still hasn't been released, and though there are still 6 hours left, I don't think it's coming out today. But hey! Prove me wrong Apple!So, off the depressing news, the P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S got featured on Pocket Blog. Kudos for being the first fansite featured (that's a lot of f's!) on Pocket Blog! Go check out their site by clicking the link above. Next on the list, if you haven't tried Harbor Master, you should. After all, that's why Pocket God is doing a crossover with them!It is as simple as Flight Control, but keeps your attention longer. And it adds more difficulty by making you guide the ships back out and avoid pirates. So if the update comes out tonight, then I'll be back. But if not, then until next update.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While We Wait

So the update comes out tomorrow (hopefully) and I can then get started finding new glitches, but while we wait, I wanted to mention Dave and Allan's promise to post a fansite to the blog every other night. I know I will eventually get featured, but until then. Totally not on the topic of Pocket God, but to pass the day today, me and a friend played disc golf at a nearby park. For privacy reasons I am not going to say what park, but I aced hole 15 and shot -1. But he shot -6 :/. A good day don't you think? So I will post again tonight if I get featured. I hope I do, but if not, there's always tomorrow after the update comes out. So until next update (or tonight :P).

P.S Thank you all for getting me over 500 views!