Friday, July 31, 2009

First Mistake

Well, as it turned out, I missed a few glitches :/ so I went back and found them, and here they are.

So here's one I didn't have to research. I stumbled upon this one while playing Ooga Jump. If you continually press the storm button on the toolbar, you fall further than you are supposed to. In fact, if you keep pressing it, you will never hit the ground.

This one's annoying. Wait until the last possible second to let the waiting pygmy into the outhouse, and the sound he makes while waiting will continue. It stops once he leaves the toilet though. You can hear it better if you have earphones in.

An extension I found to the magnifying glass glitch is that the same thing happens with the fishing rod, the meteor, and the egg.

Another extension is that the Dodo bird isn't affected by gravity either.

ANOTHER extension is on the volcano island switch glitch, try flicking the last pygmy, and switching islands before he falls into the volcano.
This one's easy. Rapidly click the on/off button for the firewood, and after a few seconds, stop and turn the firewood on, and they won't fall. Drag a pygmy up and you will see the wood hovering above the island.

Ok! This one's cool! If you press the statue 3 times, it does the "You know you like Pocket God" thing. Right before the people blow up though, start up a tornado just enough to make them get windblown. If you do it at just the right time , they will turn invincible. There's only one in this picture, but he's the one by the tree.

Just when I think I'm done. I found one that's really cool. Make sure there are no pygmies, then stack all the wood pieces on the fire pit. Hit the bird with lightning and place him in the pit. Add a pygmy and place him on top the pile. Watch and he builds the fire and eats another pygmy and chokes.

Ok. I think I'm done now. Until next update.


  1. hey, you asked my blog if we could help promote you? lemme talk to the team.

  2. well we r deffinatly going to promote you. love this blog. love the glitches.

    -Will of POCKETGODS

  3. Great blog idea! Its awesome how you got screenshots up here and such, could i post a picture link to your site?

  4. I found a glitch, a Pygmy was going to eat half of a coconut, but I took it away as soon as he was putting it in his mouth, then he ate nothing, but then there was a floating coconut in the air! (if that makes sense)

  5. Thanks for the enthusiasm Wally, but in case you didn't see, the missed glitches go in the comment box on the front page.

  6. oy, i tried the invincible glitch and, well.. he's not just invincible but also invisible or better, see-through.