Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While We Wait

So the update comes out tomorrow (hopefully) and I can then get started finding new glitches, but while we wait, I wanted to mention Dave and Allan's promise to post a fansite to the blog every other night. I know I will eventually get featured, but until then. Totally not on the topic of Pocket God, but to pass the day today, me and a friend played disc golf at a nearby park. For privacy reasons I am not going to say what park, but I aced hole 15 and shot -1. But he shot -6 :/. A good day don't you think? So I will post again tonight if I get featured. I hope I do, but if not, there's always tomorrow after the update comes out. So until next update (or tonight :P).

P.S Thank you all for getting me over 500 views!

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