Thursday, November 5, 2009

For those of you who asked

Eliminate Pro is one of the best games I've ever played. The online multiplayer coupled with the constant leveling up provides interactive gameplay that is sure to bring you back again and again. Glitches are coming soon, due to some delays.

Peace out.



  1. Hey we speak, I am downloading Eliminate Pro. On the game, my username will be cake215 (duh!). You may add me as a friend if you like.

  2. it has potential but controls suck

  3. Hello since skilper has not posted any Glitches I will share some.
    My two glitches start with cakes glitch. First open up the grave then put a Pygmy into ooga jump then make him fall into the grave. When he is in the grave make him into a zombie then kill him. Once he is a ghost move him in front of the grave then open it. When the ghost is in front of the open grave turn the thunder storm the pygmi will fall in to the grave.

    Do the intro. Then make the Pygmy/ghost eat the burnt bird see what hapens!

    Do the intro. Then make it night time. Make the Pygmy/ghost into a vampire. And walaa you just did the old glitch from the last update.

    I'm Trevor and I will be sharing the cool glitches I find till next time


  4. Just sent a friend request. In the game my name is forfex (Latin for scissors) so yeah...

  5. Haha I'm wally1357 and skipper Pwned me so badly in eliminate.

  6. ok so here is a glitch with the spiderweb. first burn a pygmy over the fire. then switch to the graveyard and put the burnt pygmy on the web. it comes back to life. switch islands and it will jump off alive but turn burnt again when it hits the ground

  7. ... Here's a wacky glitch ...

    ooga jump an oog into the hole. bury him. kill the zoogmie. position the ghost to the right of the hole. make it stormy, he will fall in. let him out. make it night. let the bat bite him. make it day. wait till the vampire explodes and tap the ashes when they are fading away. you have a transparent ghost. lead the ghost to the grave. the ghost will turn back into a vampire but remain transparent. he will fall into the grave. bury him and kill the zoogmie that comes out. lead the ghost toward the ground. Viola! you have a transparent pygmy. Takes a long time but its worth it.

  8. Stumpjumper007 what do you mean the cake glitch?

  9. Oh I ment cake215's glitch I just copied it