Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glitches Are Coming Out Tonight!

I have been long away, but finally, I am posting the glitches. Check back at 7 PM EST to see all the fun glitches in Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

Here's another treat:


Ok, so before I start, I want to say that there aren't as many as I though there would be. I found a total of 3, I think, that worked out of all the ones you guys submitted. Here they are:

Go to the graveyard and open the hole. Ooga jump a pygmy into the hole, then bury him. When he comes out as a zombie, turn him into a ghost. Dig up the hole, and position the ghost on the very right of the hole. Make it stormy, the ghost will turn into a regular Pygmy and fall in the hole. You will only see his hair sticking out of the hole, but you will see his eyes blinking but they are not on his head.

(Due to a bug in this build, I can't get a picture for this...yet...)

Give the spear to a Pygmy, then turn off the spear. He will still throw the spear but when the spear hits the ground, it won't go away! Ghosts will fly behind the spear like it's not even there.

Also, if you have the shark turned on, and you go underwater, the anchor and the chum bucket will stay in the same spot for a split second.

Finally, if you marshmallow a pygmy and place him on the web, he will turn into a regular pygmy. If you turn off the web, though, he will turn back into a regular pygmy.

Thanks to Cake215 for all the wonderful glitches, and until next update!


  1. Skipper, it must be really embarrising to make a mistake on one of your posts. It's cake215, not 123. Just thought you should know.

  2. Hey skipper587, it's stump jumper here and i found anoher glicth off of the floating eyeball glitch. So make the Pygmy a zoogmie and he becoms invincible and you van transform him into a gohst and back to a Pygmy for a never ending number. And he's tilted and you transform him into a Pygmy if he's a ghost by taping him, dragging him or making him come in contact with a Pygmy and if he's a pygmy tap him, or make him come in contact with a ghost to turn him into a ghost.


  3. it's cake 215 and I have a glitch

    K so 1st u take a fish r anything you can eat and then
    put it on the ground then you take a pygmy and touch him and turn the screen so he goes off balance then you take the fish or food and give it to the pygmy then while he's eating it take your finger off him and the food will disappear but if you touch him it will still be in the air and fall down(oh and his idles will make clones).

  4. next glitch first go to the grave yard and then open the grave then touch a pygmy and grab the bird lower your finger and drop the bird then flick the pygmy and if you have the pygmy in front of the hole he will fall in it while flying and you can bury him and have an invisible zombie!

  5. Do the beginning of the upside down glitch but have the grave open and then put the pygmy by the grave with your finger held on the pygmy tilt up then down so the pygmy falls in the grave and then bury him or touch him make a zoogmie and then let go and he will turn into a pygmy again!

  6. Hey skipper587 can you please put my glitches up and can you call me hightom/Harrison that would make my day ; ) : ) XD : P : / : I yeahhhh so thanks.

  7. Hey Skipper! I emailed you a pic of the floating eyes glitch (I emailed, so don't fret) in case you needed one. I tried emailing you 2 more pics (with glitches attached) but for some reason, my Iphone wouldn't let me email the other 2 so I will give them by the end of the week.

  8. Ok, I found a glitch (it's an audio glitch, so turn up the sound). First, make the pygmies dance in the graveyard (you don't need zombies) then change to the t-Rex island while they are dancing (I don't if it works with the main island). You will hear the graveyard dance music playing and the normal island music in the background!

  9. New two glitches: Traveling zoogmie: do the eyes over head in the graveyard thing and make a ghost/zoogmie. It will go to any island and eat brains in other islands. Another ghost/pygmie: Go to octopuss island and do " You know you like pocket god " then quikly go to gravetard and make a tornado pick up the pygmies hair. Once you see the ghost, stop (if you do it before it's a ghost it becomes a transparent pygmie) and you have a ghost/pygmie!

  10. You didnt put up my gliych so ill write it again. Burn a pygmy over the fire and then switch to the ghost island. Put the burned pygmy on the spiderweb and it will come back to life. Switch islands and it will fly off alive but become burned again when it hits the ground

    - F(503)

  11. Actually, for my audio glitch, you do need at least 1 zombie.

  12. touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy go into the outhouse and then take your finger off him and he will keep making the falling sound while his name vibrates and to stop it take him out of the outhouse.

  13. ok hightom again and if anybody wants me to keep doing the glitches then please say "hightom NOOO!" and all I need is one person and I'll stay and to convince you heres a great glitch I found. K so you touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy grab a log and then take your finger off him and he will drop the log but it will stay in midair.

    someone please reply and tell me I'm doing a good job finding glitches or I will be so sad I'll stop listening to "the Beatles" and listen to the "Jonas Brothers" and stop playing "Pocket God" and instead play "Pee Devil". Please reply.

    Hightom out : (.

  14. I am done posting glitches until someone tells me to keep going.
    I've got a lot more and good ones too.
    So everyone reply"hightom NOOO!"
    before its to late

    : ( hightom out.

  15. Ummmm....... I don't know what this is. Ok, take a fish,burn it, and feed it to your person. Then if you look closely you will see a faded fish floating across the screen above the water.