Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not So Big News

Update 30 is out! Pocket God has survived through 30 updates so far, and the plans are to continue! Beta testing this one was fun. There were so many bugs surrounding the ice hole that it was crazy! So I'm actually going to post glitches later on today, so make sure to check back, but for now I have school. I've picked up some glitches from TouchArcade, and Gerry C. gave me a good one, I just have yet to post them, so stay tuned :)



  1. Hey Skipper. I've just signed up just to add this glitch :). K, here it is. This isn't really about the ice hole, but instead the ooga jump. First, you go to ooga jump and try to get to a cloud where you're sure you won't fall off of (like one of the clouds on the side of the screen). Next, open up the map and switch to the underwater place. You'll see your pigmys swirl around for a while, then they'll dissapear. Also, the anchor will be a pigmy in an ice cube. The glitch doesn't stop there. When you go up to the surface, then you'll find that the islands are pretty glitched up too. Some of the more amusing glitched up features of the islands:

    boss life bar with no boss!
    summon the ice monster and wait for the boss to fully come out of the water.

    What is that is the zombie pit!
    summon the zombie. (since you won't see the pile of dirt, you'll have to do it by memory)

    frozen man underwater:
    the anchor in the underwater map

    barking ice weirdo?
    summon the barking spider

    Volcano wonder
    throw two pygmys into the volcano

    Giant heads
    you'll find two pygmy heads and other weird things on the island with the stone

    There are more than that, so try exploring with it. Enjoy!

  2. on zombie island turn everyone to zombies at the right of the screen then turn your i pod so everyone falls to the left and one zombie will turn human