Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I've Found to be True

In periods of time where we don't hear anything from Dave or Allan, we get bored. Even us as betas haven't heard anything about a new build. So sorry for neglecting the blog, but there isn't much to post. I will say this, though: Avatar was the most amazing movie I've ever seen. So much that I'm learning to speak Na'vi. So if you want to join me, create an account here and get started! That's all I've got. Until next time.



  1. Hi Skipper587 how are you?

    by arturpolcas or artcastell

  2. Hey skipper found a glitch. If you make them dance while the sun is big they alternate between the dance and sweating.


  3. Hey skipper! It's been a while, but I have some news. Guess what? The new pocket god update is out! The episode is called "good job ice hole" and has to do with tempurature change. There is a secret Easter egg (I'll give you a hint; to activate it, you need something the t-Rex island). Ok, that's all for now. I'm out.

  4. to cake215

    I spent so much time looking for it. (the easter egg) o_O