Friday, August 7, 2009

New Update, New Glitches.

Finally! After a long, hard search for glitches, I was rewarded. So here we go. First off is a glitch that creates an invincible vampire. It's kind of hard to trigger, but stay with me. So you go to Easter Island and turn it to night. Call the bat, and if you can time it right, tap the statue 3 times before the pygmy get's bitten. There you have it! Invincible vampire!
So here's a spin off of that one, go under water and spawn all your pygmies. Where's your vampire? Resurface. Oh! There he is! :P
I actually figured out how to trigger the annoying glitch where you can't get the pigmy out of the outhouse! You change islands with him in it!
Alright. That's it for now. Until next update (or more glitches :P)


  1. Idk if you've heard of this one but get a vampire and hold him while you spawn one pygmie. Drop a shark on the newly spawned pygmie and relaese the vampire on him. The pygmie will get knocked off and the shark will bite on air. Your app will crash.

  2. They have taken that one off. But yeah, I knew about it.

  3. after you zap the dodo move your hand over it quickly and it will come back to life and fly into the water