Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glitches Part 2

I'm back! So I found some more glitches, so here they are. Ok, so to trigger this first one, right as the T-Rex bites down, tap him, and the pygmy will "fall through the floor." He goes off the bottom of the screen without drowning. See him at the bottom?
Ok, so this next glitch is really cool. Right as you are about to drop the pygmy onto the Ooga Jump clouds, earthquake. The screen gets diverted below him.But wait! Slide your finger upward, and when he falls to the ground, he will either get flattened,
or he will drown,
Both of these happen in midair. You can still interact with the pygmies below, though. Tap the screen and you can hear them getting flicked off the island or splashing into the water. And you can still add pygmies. But the only way to get back to the island is to create a tsunami by sliding your finger up.
My last glitch I got from 5jusername on TouchArcade. Try picking up a pigmy and a pirahna at the same time. What happens is an infinite line gets drawn. The pirahna will follow the line the whole minigame.
So keep sending me glitches! You can email me at Until next update.


  1. idont get credit for the earthquake glitch? also, try the pirahna glitch with two pygmies and a pirahna. it makes a triangle path.

  2. No, not the earthquake glitch. I found that one on accident. And yeah, I have the piranha glitch on there, just not the triangle one.