Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few More For the Road

I found a few more glitches courtesy of SaintsAlive ( and swigo8 ( To trigger the first, earthquake and bring up a tsunami. Then drop the water. Your pygmies will swim in midair for a few seconds.
(That kinda makes for a freaky picture! Thanks Saints!)

The next works off of the Cannibal glitch, which by the way, vote for your favorite glitch -----> To work this one, do the cannibal glitch, then spawn all your pygmies. You will have 7 pygmies on the island at one time!
That one came from swigo8, and so did this one.

By taking advantage of Bait Master, you can spear 6 pygmies at one time, but if you spear more than four, a second spear appears beside the first spear. Thanks for featuring me swigo8!
Here's one of mine. Turn your iPod on it's side and just mess with the pygmy. You can do some strange stuff!
He was actually floating through the island at the time. Ok, I'm done. Be sure to vote ----->
Check out SaintsAlive and swigo8's sites, and submit pictures for the contest. Until next update.


  1. love the blog dude, and the new glitches, thanks for featuring me :)
    check out my blog, and you'll be pretty happy :p skipper

  2. the 2 spear glitch has been there ever since surfs up was released :)

  3. I noticed. But remember I just started at Ooga Jump, and haven't ever seen that one.

    while playing ooga jump at any time press the storm button to start the freefall then press it again and again untill u get bored or break your iPod/phone

    found this glitch while messing around the other day. Thought it was cool. Enjoy