Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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Also, comment on what you think would be another good app to find glitches for.


I hired two new members for the blog off of TouchArcade. Everyone say hi to CrazyDrummer and Error! I'll let them post later. For now, I just want to say that Pocket God Glitchspot is now tweeting! If you haven't seen the column on the right, then I am letting you know now: Go and follow us on twitter! I will be posting the glitches I find live there, so for an accurate, up to date list of glitches, check there. http://www.twitter.com/skipper587 I accepted all of you on Feint, and am looking forward to more. Feint name is Skipper587, so add me up! Until next update.


Hi, Error here (don't worry, Skipper or Alex did not quit). Well most of you will know me from touch arcade, but for people who don't, I have a Pocket God addiction. I live in England and that's all you need to know. My feint name is error3000. By the way i think the next update (dead pygmy walking) is gonna have tons of glitches.


Hey guys!

Its great to be here and like error you may know me from touch arcade as Crazydrummer667. (Thats also my feint name so add me if you want) I love on long island NY and I have insomnia (i never sleep) so ill be able to serve you 24/7 :D I'm looking foawrd to report a lot of glitches in the future!

Thanks, Tyler


  1. John Here! okay, this is kinda long cause school starts for me tomorrow (nooooo!!!)and im gonna be busy so i will post everything today and i will try to post again saturday or sunday. So this was my post before. (just copy and pasted it)

    John Here! Hey, if you guys dident get my last glitch, you have to hold a pygmy, then turn the devise upside down, (gravity on) and when he is holding onto the island let go and he will be frozen in midair, he will be invincibe for anything, only tapping him will bring him back to normal, and when you tap him he will fall upsidedown for a moment. And to answer a person who said "how do you get the dinosaur on statue island", you have to call the dinosaur on egg island, then (on map) press the tsaunami area then statue island and whala! You have the dinosaur on statue island. And just one more thing, my feint name is XstickfigureX and i added you guys, skipper and alex, dare to chalange me in cocunont bounces, bughahaha, lol,so i will try to find more glitches and uh yea, look out for more John Here!

    okay i also found another glitch with gravity, you have to create an earthquake then while your doing that turn it off and it will be a non stop earthquake, and there invincible! only lightning or the statue would kill them, AND if you spawn a pygmy after you turn off the gravity part they will not be affeced by the earthquake! okay, this is my long comment, see you saturday or sunday!

  2. okay i will post it here...

    change to the new island with the fire...
    okay now follow these steps:
    1) change the weather to lightning and make sure the bird is turned on
    2) zap the bird
    3) make sure all pygmies are dead and pick up the wood and put them in the same spot as it would if a pygmy put it(they will not appear the same as if a pygmy did it though)
    4) put the burnt bird on top of the wood
    5) create a pygmy and put it on top of the stack of wood and bird
    6) the pygmy will start stacking wood, and once he is done, a pygmy with its eyes closed will appear in place of the bird and he will eat that instead!!!