Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Pygmy Walking is Out!!!!


Hey guys crazydrummer here with a new glitch!!

As we all know the update is very well out and it is AMAZING!!!!
well dave did a huge job testing so looks like the only one i can find is if u summon the fish on statue isalnd and leave it on then go to the new one and the fish will be half on it.. :D

hello again! turn off the bucket and the anchor underwater and you cannot move your little guys around 0_o


I only see it fit to embarrass you in front of thousands of people, Crazydrummer, but always draft a post before posting it so I can revise it.

Anyways, I have enjoyed this update thoroughly. Dave and Allan really outdid themselves with the new island and features, and left amazing room for expansion.
(Poor little pygmy!) And what more can I enjoy than the glitches? I have several good ones, and for once, I stumbled upon them myself! So here we go!
Ninja Time: Can you see whats wrong here? Of course you can't! Here's the glitch: As the pygmy is coming out of the grave, flip the screen upside down and back. The pygmy will come back down normal, but if you tilt the screen, or tap him, he turns back into a zoogmie.
I Survived!: Ok, so here's another one. If you drag a pygmy into ooga jump, then let him fall into the hole, and pull him out, he becomes invincible.
App Zoogmie: If you I Survived! , then create a zoogmie instead, kill him. It crashes the app.
I Don't Dance! : Make a stone Pygmy from fire, then drop it in the grave, it will turn into a normal Pygmy and turn into a statue when it comes out. Once you turn the statue Pygmy into a zombie and try to make him dance, you'll hear the thriller music playing, but he won't dance. (Courtesy of Failboat103)
Popcorn Pygmies: Create a vampire, have at least one zoogmie, and spawn all pygmies. The vampire will chase the pygmies into the corner, and they will bounce off his head.

Contest for promo codes! Follow @skipper587 on Twitter, and tune in Sunday night to find out who wins!

Other than some news about DLC's, that's it. Until next update.


  1. If you keep changing islands really fast the stop on the newest on if you drag your Pygmy up into the sky there will be the logs for the fire

  2. Hi this is redsoxsrule424 a pocket mod at PGF, I was just wondering if you could possibly post about my website on your website? Thanks!

  3. If you do the glitch with the bird and pigmy at the same time, give the pigmy a very small slight lift, he will be behind the island and slightly transparent, btw on the zombie island it works well, after that you can change island but they will fall in the water if they are too far on the side

  4. i just found one: randomly, a fish will get eaten, then drop back onto the ground. it becomes impossible to pick up, and you can switch islands and it'll stay.

  5. Here's one: while having onscreen zogmies, tilt them to make them slide around, and get them into the air. When they land, they will not be killed by moving into the side, and will not be able to walk, only to slide.

  6. LOL the popcorn glitch had a lot different name and interpretation for me 0_0 Just think about it for a bit...

  7. Here's one. Put a pygmie in the oven grave and don't bury him. Make another pygmie a vampire. and he'll kill all of the guys not in the grave. Tap the guy in the grave and the vampire will push him in. Tap him again many time fast and he will bounce on the vampire's head many times!