Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Secret..............Is Out

Dear Readers,

Well, my secret is out. The new leaderboards came out today, and with a shocking suprise: My name is on the beta leaderboards. That's right, I'm the newest beta tester for Pocket God. Now here's my plan:

  1. I don't plan to leave the blog, being as being beta gives me the advantage to lasso up the glitches that get through the sifter.
  2. I hope to get Dave's permission to post the different development stages pictures after the update comes out.
  3. I hope you guys will support me even more, as I am going to start giving back to you guys in various ways.

I hope to talk to you all later.




  1. What happened to this blog? It's glitchspot for a reason. For the past posts, it's been news. That's what pocket blog is for. We need to get back on track. I like this blog, but I come here for glitches not news or personal stuff. If you guys insist on news, then at least make a glitch guide for reference. :-(

  2. To be honest, we have found no new glitches other than what we have shown you, so we are keeping up with the news to fill the time. The update should be submitted soon, and we will be able to get back to glitching.

  3. Thanks. But you should make a guide, and not only your glitches, but other peoples as well. I do like this site though, great job!!!

  4. Yeah, and no one wants to wait until 2 weeks to get a new post, so good job skip :D

  5. OK I found 3 things that you haven't found!!!
    They are all basically the same thing but theres 3 glitches really

    -The Corner - Found by IttyBittyNinja at
    1. Make a ghost
    2. Drag him to the bottom or top left corner(right doesn't work)
    3. Your ghost will be stuff rushing the corner until you drag it somewhere else

    -SIT! Good Ghost! - Found by IttyBittyNinja at
    1. Make a ghost
    2. have the ghost go anywhere around the island
    3. When its moving then tap it where you want it to stop.
    4. The ghost will be facing the direction it was going but will not move until you drag it to somewhere else.

    -Invincible Pygmy - Found by IttyBittyNinja at
    1. Have a ghost go after a pygmy
    2. Once you let go, repeatedly tap the pygmy so the ghost stop right in front of him.
    3. The ghost will freeze and the pygmy will be stuff in the scared animation. Since theres no animation of anything touching a scared pygmy to kill it then its invincible. The only way to kill it is to have a ghost actually kill it instead of freezing it.