Thursday, September 3, 2009


Note: There are new glitches posted at the bottom for those of you who have already read this post.

Alex Ferrigno:

Yes, as most of you will already know, the new update is out. There is now a chum-bucket underwater which you can use to lure the shark into the area, you can then blast your pygmies to smithereens with the shark's FRICKIN' LASERBEAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Glitches are starting to appear and so skipper and I will keep you updated with them. But for now, lets play with the frickin' laserbeam:


Yep! It's out. So this update got mashed together with episode 24, which was repealed because of a 2.2.1 bug. But now it's out, and boy is it good. So to begin, you now have a shark underwater (yay!) but with a suprising twist. It has a lazer on it's head! So you pull the chum out of the bucket to summon the shark, and then you zap the pygmies with the lazer.
Also, already some new glitches are coming up on the forums. Courtesy of Tmonine, if you tap (in this order) the islands Statue, Underwater, Egg, Statue, Underwater, Egg, you can get any of the items to switch islands.
But, several other glitches can result from that. If you do the order Statue, Egg, Underwater, you can hang the menu on two islands. Notice that it is on Statue and Egg island at the same time.
One more glitch is if you go in the order Statue, Underwater, Statue, Underwater, the screen will jump up above the island.
Here's another good one, submitted by 123and123. You hold a pygmy without moving your finger, then change gravity to upside down and back. Your pygmy will sometimes hit an ooga jump cloud, and that's good. Don't lift your finger, but make the pygmy fall, and right as he is about to hit the ground, lift your finger. He will be invincible. (He's the fisher. Sorry, I also had the dinosaur on Easter island at the same time.
Here's another good one. If you do the background pygmy glitch, and a pygmy eats the fish, the fish will swim into the screen backwards!
Also, when it is caught it will come in upside down for a half a second.
Ok, so I'm going to test all of your glitches out, and will be back soon. My feint name is Skipper587, and Alex Ferrigno's is AlexFerrigno. See you all on feint! Until next update!


  1. how do you get the dinosuar on the statue island?

  2. I have a sharks with lasers glitch (just the update, not an actual glitch with the sharks.). Okay, here it is, grab a pygmy and the bird at the same time. Drop the bird, and then let the pygmy fall into the water. Pick him up and IMMEDIATELY throw him above the screen. He will not return! When he finally does, he will fall into the water, and you will not be able to pick him up. Also, he will move around from one side to the other in the water until he drowns. (NOTE***. You may have to use the glitch where the pygmy is in the background water safely to make him return!)

  3. youdo the island thing just as the trex is jumping out.

  4. I got 1000 Shark blasts, but the achievements are screwed up so I didn't get them. x(

  5. Hey, it's Ving again.

    I did the pygmie in background glitch and noticed something:

    To make the Pygmie walk in the background, you need to lift your finger BEFORE he drowns but AFTER he landed.

    After drowning he will just be able to respawn via plus button.
    Before landing is another funny thing.
    Do the glitch
    (hold finger on pygmie, drag bird, go with your pygmie finger UNDER the pygmie [dont lift the finger], drop bird, move finger as if you were flicking the pygmie off the island and then lift finger)
    and lift the finger BEFORE the pygmie lands... what will happen? The pygmie kinda zooms out of the screen, into the background. He will still interact with the things on the Island, like normal background glitched pygmies. But after a while he will be only 1 Pixle big, and later he will totally disappear, but he is still there.
    It's funny if the wood pieces suddenly disappear and then reappear at campfire...

  6. Here's a really easy glitch to trigger. pick up a pygmy and put him on an Ooga Jump Cloud. Before he bounces on one, take him underwater (using the island selection screen). Before he appears, go back to your original island, and you should have an invincible pygmy that slides around the island without falling off.
    NOTE! You can only have one at a time, or else the other ones will fall off!

  7. John Here! Hey, if you guys dident get my last glitch, you have to hold a pygmy, then turn the devise upside down, (gravity on) and when he is holding onto the island let go and he will be frozen in midair, he will be invincibe for anything, only tapping him will bring him back to normal, and when you tap him he will fall upsidedown for a moment. And to answer a person who said "how do you get the dinosaur on statue island", you have to call the dinosaur on egg island, then (on map) press the tsaunami area then statue island and whala! You have the dinosaur on statue island. And just one more thing, my feint name is XstickfigureX and i added you guys, skipper and alex, dare to chalange me in cocunont bounces, bughahaha, lol,so i will try to find more glitches and uh yea, look out for more John Here!

  8. This is 123and123 with a new glitch! first do the pygmies walking on water in the backround glitch except let go of the pygmy as he is flying back. then do the glitch i posted earlier this is alittle harder you have to keep moving the screen back and forth until he falls down on the island. btw if you cant see him in ooga jump and it just shows the island this is good. When he falls let go of your finger and he will do something... Well... SPECIAL!!! some fun things you can do is make him go fishing, make the dinosoar come out and make him pick up logs for the fire. to get him back to normal make a tsunami.

  9. Hey everyone, I figured out that if you do the Pygmy backround glitch, you can get the the Pygmy that you threw in the backround back by having the shark pull them underwater if they are fishing.